Quarantine with a family of four

April 02, 2020

Quarantine with a family of four has been busy and messy! Cook, clean, eat, organize, work from home and REPEAT!  I can't believe it's been several weeks already and there's no end in sight YET!  I know God has this and he is watching out for me every day.  I cast my worries onto him daily and pray for everyone on the frontline caring for the people who have the virus.  I pray for those who have the virus that God heals their body.

It's been nice outside the last few days, so that has been a treat to sit outside, rake some leaves and get some much needed fresh air.

We are slowly cleaning and organizing all the rooms in our house, it's been a slow process getting things unpacked and back to normal after we moved back in from our house remodel.  It's been therapeutic at the same time and gives me somewhere to place my overwhelming anxiety I get some days.  I hope you are all holding up well and remembering to take time to relax, enjoy the little moments and make time for yourself.  A cup of tea, a relaxing bath, a stroll around the block, light a scented candle, or snuggling on the couch with your loved ones.  I've found the time to read again, something I haven't had the chance to do in years.  It's not a lot, but a chapter or two a day on my new back porch has done wonders for my soul.  I just finished re-reading Alexandra Stoddard's book, "Gracious Living in a New World".  It's about finding joy in changing times.  It's a really good read especially if you like self help books!

I am offering free shipping on orders at $100 and with EVERY order you receive a FREE gift.  All local Grundy Center deliveries your shipping is refunded once you order as I will deliver personally by dropping off on your doorstep.  I thank you all for choosing to support my business and I appreciate you all.  I can't wait to hug you all again when this is over and we will have a celebration!







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